By Technology

By Technology

From Artificial Intelligence powered analytic solutions to UAV (unmanned-aerial-vehicles) InGreens has a bouquet of solutions that helps its customers - Farmers, agri-input, output players, Banks & OEMs and Governments – with actionable intelligence from data. Its offerings include:

Artificial intelligence

  • AI-based credit score, scale of finance and rural credit facilitation platform with reputed OEM and credit partners is at development stage
  • AI -based Agri-input Supply Chain Management & Sales Analytics platform for seed, pesticide, and fertilizer firms. Modular platform includes demand prediction, QR-based production, last-mile liquidation tracking and sales-force management. The platform is at Beta testing stage

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)


Six ready-to-deploy plug-n-play SaaS solutions:

  • Subsidy Management System: End-to-end application & administration system for ensuring farm mechanization subsidy benefits reaching the deserving beneficiaries
  • Automated Licensing System: For Agri-input (seeds, fertilizer & pesticides) dealers using real-time data and monitoring through end-to-end digital tracking
  • Agri Insurance Deep Tech – Remote sensing-based crop acreage & yield estimation, loss assessment and indemnity processing platform for Agri Insurance Cos. Growing into Fisheries and Cattle Insurance.
  • Farmers’ authenticated Databank & Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) platform
  • Extension framework: For taking modern technology at grassroot and real-time crop management solution for farmers
  • Soil Health Card: A platform to collate (Geographic Information System) GIS-authenticated soil samples and generate health status card to advise farmers on customized nutrient management

Image Processing

  • Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies for acreage calculation
  • Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies Loss assessment
  • Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies Yield estimation
  • Pest and disease image recognition for quick remedy
  • Commodity grading tools

Internet of Things (IOT) Precision Farming Console


Macro and micro-nutrient sensor based, embedded IOT platform for water and nutrient management is a growth enabler for plantations and firms. The platform is under development stage.