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About Ingreens

As USD 600 Billion Agriculture sector and USD 235 Billion IT industry intersects, farmers, agribusiness sector players and government are getting connected towards an efficient, digitally organized farm and food sector.

Indian technology firm InGreens is one of the prominent companies, disrupting this space with applied usage of satellite remote sensing, image processing, artificial intelligence, block chain, data visualization, social tech, IOT, analytics, gamification, and UAV.

Promoted by a team of first-generation agriculture scientists-turned entrepreneurs, InGreens has impressive track record of achieving operational profit in second year and consistent top line growth of 20% CAGR over the last 10 years in bootstrap mode.

InGreens is taking competitive advantage of technology and farm science backbone in select high growth areas of farm and food sector, that includes taking modern farm technology, financial incentive, and crop insurance to millions of last miles farmers, utilizing AI driven predictive analytics for demand driven input supply chain, farm products export and trading etc. Recently InGreens has acquired a health food brand and taking processed food products to end consumers in B2B, D2C route.

With mutually connected business wings, and established business value chains, InGreens is aiming for exponential topline growth for next 5 years in Indian farm and food sector.


Our vision is to unlock the tremendous economic potential with the convergence of agriculture and information technology, to transform the lives of the millions of farmers, and adding value to stakeholders throughout the farm & food value chain.

About Ingreens

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Our leadership team blends youth and experience that spans deep domain knowledge in agriculture & information technology