Marine Export

Select high-value marine products of Bay of Bengal and Sundarban have a competitive advantage in exports, Kolkata being one of the major hub. Deep procurement capacity and Tech enabled QA are major competitive advantages in this unorganized sector.

Shipments are scheduled from December 2022 onwards. Staring with niche products, significant part of Rs. 43,000 Crore Indian Shrimp economy (Rs, 11,000 Crore from Kolkata) will be forayed into

Commodity Trading

Using the locational advantage for Tea, Rice, Corn and select spices, inland trading will start in November 2022. Deep procurement network, technology interventions in supply chain, and Grading-Tech are key differentiators from traditional players.

Health food DTC (Direct-to-Consumer)

Acquired a traditional health food brand that has manufacturing unit and ready consumer base for a range of wood-pressed, cold-pressed edible & health oils, oats, honey, tea, and dry fruit products.

Our deep procurement network, technology and digital marketing capability are key strengths. The plan is to rapidly expand into Ready-to-Cook range of food products.


Asset lite, producer to B2B connect initiative is at development stage. In-house scientific farming expertise, deep rural farmer network and technology capability are key enablers.