Farm input Private Labels

30 Licensed and Generic Pesticides, Micronutrients and PGR products on field. Expanding into Fish and Livestock Medicine and Feed with own manufacturing unit.

Single window source of full range of farm inputs and distribution innovation

Agri Insurance Deep Tech

Remote sensing based crop acreage & yield estimation, loss assessment and indemnity processing platform for Agri Insurance Cos.

Growing into Fisheries and Cattle Insurance. InGreens Deep Tech domain expertise, as well as brokerage arm will drive growth

Artificial Intelligence-based Agri-input Supply Chain Management and Sales Analytics

End to end Rural SCM for seed, pesticide, and fertilizer firms. AI-based demand prediction, QR-based production to last-mile liquidation tracking and sales-force management

AI-based Rural Credit scoring and Credit facilitation platform

Agri-analytics and AI-based Scale of finance and Rural credit facilitation platform is coming up with credible OEM and credit partners

Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pesticide-as-a-Service (PaaS)

InGreens has over 5,000 rural commission agents (GramDoot) in three states, serving 12 million farmers. Tech platform plus UAVs will be used for Pesticide solution-as-a-service. A major enabler for Private label Farm input sales.

Internet of Things (IOT) Precision farming console

Macro and micronutrient sensor based, embedded IOT platform for nutrient management is a growth enabler for Private labels

Farmers OTT

OTT based Agri knowledge and infotainment platform having farming Indians as primary TG. Rural advertisement and Agri Video commerce combined with Private lebel products of InGreens are key differentiations