799 million Indian rural population is feeding 1300 million citizens. Along with the farmers, other stakeholders including Government agencies; private firms operating in seed, pesticide, fertilizer, credit, insurance, farm machineries, irrigation, post-harvest, storage, logistics as well as Agricultural Universities and research institutions are playing enabling roles to ensure food security of this magnitude.

With increasing penetration of 4G/ LTE and decreasing cost of data and smart devices, 627 Million Indians are expected to be using internet in 2019 (556 Million in Dec 2018). Data, mobile telecommunication along with other technology developments have created immense opportunities in digitizing and re-engineering traditional decision support and farm process management practices, followed in deep rural areas hitherto untouched by India’s progress in software.

Cost effective applications of modern technology like IOT, sensors, image processing, big data, analytics, TTS, block chain, GIS, cloud, mobility, data visualization, drone, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. will disrupt food production across the world in near future, in two distinct segments,

A) Smart governance solutions will ensuring efficient, transparent, faster and direct reach of public services to farmers and solve their field problems quickly

B) Smart business solutions will brining efficiency in rural demand-supply aggregation, market outreach, price discovery and transaction processing and farm credit & risk management.

India’s leading Agri-Tech start-up InGreens is disrupting this space, with 10 years head-start.

InGreens is bringing efficiency in last mile Government service delivery for farmers, with cloud and mobility based smart governance solutions, backed with technical content on scientific farming. InGreens 6,000 digitally enabled field manpower are disrupting Agri input supply chain models for private firms.


Started on: January 2019

One single database where farmers identity (EPIC and AADHAR), Land document (Verified by L&LR) and Bank account (Verified by NPCI) is integrated.

Farmers can apply online, apply through common service center, or get registered in camp mode. They can visit Agriculture office for edit and update anytime later. We can engage a team who will get all farmers enrolled in camp mode, followed by door to door visit.

Based on verified landholding, assistance is auto calculated, master roll is auto generated, get multi stage approval digitally. DBT disbursement MIS is autogenerated. For registered Govt. officials, downloading and uploading of the data and necessary pay orders is digitally done. Database is being utilized not only for State/ centrally sponsored Pre-Cultivation assistance, but also by other departments like Food and supply (For Grain procurement verification), Disaster management (For quick post disaster assistance) and the likes.

Starting from enrolment to disbursement reconciliation to call centre support, entire process is completely digitised, fast , efficient and transparent. This application can be used for state sponsored assistance or central assistance by two stage log-in based, secured systems where data are stored at protected state server.

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Started on: July 2017

The process of increasing farm power availability at farm gate, through subsidised machinery purchase at various scales for procuring small and large power/ manually operated machines by farmers and setting up Custom Hiring Centres (CHC), is completely digitised.

Manufacturers upload dealer & product details, which gets online approved/ rejected by The Department officials based on their documentation and certification status.

Only approved products along with dealers are applicable for subsidy. Online applications get processed digitally by Block Level Sanctioning Committee (BLSC) and District Level Sanctioning Committee (DLSC), till the delivered product is app verified with identity and location authentication, after two months of purchase. Beneficiary list is available for download.

This completely online process generate Digital purchase order for the beneficiary, Subsidy MIS for banks and subsidy disbursement MIS for the state. For even-distribution of Government support, a farmer getting subsidy for one application in a year, is not digitally allowed to apply for similar subsidy for next few years. This pre-application screening process is also digitised.

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Started on: Jan 2019

Starting from digital tracking of awareness activities (IEC), farmers enrolment, digital sowing certificate, digital yield estimation up to Claim settlement, entire process is fully automated in one platform, seamlessly for all stakeholders (Insurance Co, Insurance Intermediaries, Agri officials, Banks, PACS).

This make workflows faster, transparent and efficient, resulting coverage maximization (As maximum possible farmers are covered under Crop insurance) and desired timeliness in claim settlement for all types of claims (Prevented sowing, Mid-season or claims based on Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) / Crop Health Factors (CHFs). Crop Health factors are derived and compared on the basis of Remote Sensing Technologies.

Most of Major and minor Kharif and Rabi crops are covered at free of cost in the state where we implemented the application except cash crops like Potato and Sugarcane (wherein farmers bear a share of insurance premium). Both loanee & non-loanee farmers can apply within enrolment cut-off date as per insurance notifications issued by Department of agriculture.

Their application is digitised on the spot. Loss caused by weather aberrations to standing crop (sowing to harvesting), post-harvest losses, loss due to localized calamities, loss due to attack of wild animals are covered under this scheme.

Online UTR (Unique transaction ref) against Premium payment for a farmer application is generated automatically. 24/7 MIS Reports are auto generated for all stakeholders, including DOA officials of all hierarchy and external stakeholders.

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Started on: March 2019

Under this G2B (Government to Agri-Business) service, licensing process of seed, pesticide and fertilizers are managed, including auto digitization of old paper based licence, issue of new license and amendment of existing license for business of seed, fertilizer and pesticide.

Digital signature, App based actual location verification of storage and retail outlet, 24/7 MIS report, Revenue MIS, Realtime valid license count and online payment gateway has made this service a part of ‘ease of doing business’ for 55,000+ Agriculture input dealers of a state. When any officer relocate/ get transferred, his/ her legacy licenses are smoothly managed with the next officer. MIS for all level of hierarchy, based on their jurisdiction are autogenerated.

Whenever there is process amendment in central Fertilizer (Control) order, Seeds (Control) order and Insecticide act, this application is edited immediately and end user manual for the changed system is shared. The process is one of the most end-user friendly Agri Gov. service.

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Started on: Nov 2014

Matir Katha is a single window Governance service delivery gateway, in the form of cloud based mobility platform, designed specifically for the Department of Agriculture activities. Developed and fine-tuned over last 8 years, Matir Katha has become a language neutral, replicable platform that brings entire human resource pool of Agriculture department under a single window Agri governance and Agri knowledge management platform.

Instant plant protection: Plant protection related questions sent from field, directly or by extension officers, reach to cloud Q&A Bank, that generates possible solutions instantly and alerts nearest agriculture officer. Officers view images, reads problem description and selects the best fit solution. Solution text gets converted into voice file by Text to speech engine and farmers get incoming voice call from the DOA with solution that solves his crop problem.

Instant Agri extension: Thousands of modern Agriculture technique and POP and PP solutions for 82 Crops are generated, approved by DOA experts and stored in cloud. During farmers training, the content gets accessed from any remote corner by any smartphone and projected with micro projector. This helped modern knowledge distribution and Agri extension process to cross the barrier of distance, language and costly physical HR training budget. This application is a an example of true minimizer of digital divide, directly benefitting lakhs of needy farmers in the remotest villages. Entire Human Resource pool of all Agri domain experts of a state is now 24/7 linked with entire farmer base.

4,38,104 is total count of interaction between farmers and Agri officials using this platform till 16 Nov, 2021.

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Started on: May 2015

Farmers are getting customized and personalized Soil Health Card in vernacular language, based on 13,00,000 latitude and longitude verified plots, across one state, in every two year cycle.

If required, digital health card can also be accessed by farmers, where they can change the crop and get customised nutrient advisory instantly. State/ district/ Block wise and various nutrient or pH map can also be generated.

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